February Program:
A Planet – Not Our Own”

Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Tasker – Associate Professor, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) What determines where planet orbits are established, solid vs gas giants? Are planets always within the solar disk? Is the habitable zone the same for every star/planet factor? Do recently identified Exoplanets follow the same “Physics” as our Solar System?

February 23, 7:30pm via Zoom

Due to COVID-19, club meetings are held using Zoom. Club members will receive a Zoom link by email. For those interested in joining the club or viewing this meeting, please email our club secretary or use the contact form.

How to Buy a Telescope

Due to covid, we’ve decided to move our annual How to Buy a Telescope presentation to Youtube.

If you’re considering buying a telescope for yourself or as a gift for a family member, the Prairie Astronomy Club can help! In this video an experienced amateur astronomer talks about how to select a telescope and what to look for when making your purchasing decision.
Also we have a Telescope Buyer’s Guide on our website:

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