October:  Branched Oak Observatory

The October meeting will be held at Branched Oak Observatory.
We will get a tour of the updated facilities at Branched Oak Observatory
and a radio telescope demonstration by Doug Buhrman.
The meeting will start at 7:30pm on October 24th.

November (tentative): 
The accelerating expanding universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Einstein's Cosmological Constant

Dark energy is the leading candidate for the mechanism that is responsible for causing the cosmological expansion to accelerate.
Bharat Ratra will describe the astronomical data which persuade cosmologists that (as yet undetected) dark energy and dark matter are by far the main components of the energy budget of the universe at the present time. He will review how these observations have led to the development of a quantitative "standard" model of cosmology that describes the evolution of the universe from an early epoch of inflation to the complex hierarchy of structure seen today. In this non-technical talk, he will also discuss the basic physics, and the history of ideas, on which this model is based.

The November meeting will be held at Hyde Observatory at 7:30pm on November 28th.
Meetings are open to the public.

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