A veteran eclipse expert says that everyone should see a total solar eclipse at least once in their lives – and she will preview the one that is coming to Lincoln in August. Dr. Kate Russo is an author, Psychologist and eclipse chaser who has seen ten total eclipses in locations all around the world. She will speak at 7:30 p.m. June 19th at Henzlik Hall, on the University of Nebraska Lincoln campus. Her presentation will be free and open to the public, and is presented by Hyde Memorial Observatory as part of its 40th anniversary celebration.

Russo researches the total eclipse experience, is an expert in community eclipse planning and features regularly in the media prior to every eclipse. She has published three books on eclipses, and her latest, Being in the Shadow, to be released June 8, is essential reading for people living in the path of totality.

Lincoln will experience its first total solar eclipse in over 500 years on August 21 at approximately 1:02 p.m. Astronomers and community groups including Hyde Observatory have been planning for the event for over a year. Russo’s appearance is part of the observatory’s public education and outreach on the eclipse.

Hyde Memorial Observatory in Lincoln’s Holmes Park opened in 1977. It was built with funds from private contributions and donated to the city of Lincoln. The observatory is one of a few in the United States totally dedicated to public viewing through telescopes and astronomy education. It is staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers from Lincoln’s amateur and professional astronomy community. The observatory is open every Saturday night throughout the year and admission is free.

Information on Dr. Kate Russo is available at her website, https://www.beingintheshadow.com, and follower her on FB @beingintheshadow.

Hyde Observatory and eclipse information: http://www.hydeobservatory.info/eclipse/

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