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Astronomy Associations
American Astronomical Society (AAS)
The Astronomical League
International Dark Sky Association

Other Area Astronomy Clubs
Omaha Astronomical Society
Panhandle Astronomy Club
Ames Area Amateur Astronomers 
Des Moines Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of Kansas City
Sioux Empire Astronomy Club

Other Astronomy Clubs

Lincoln Astronomical Society, Lincoln, England.

The Nebraska Star Party

Nebraska Star Party

Nebraska Star Party Trailer

Videos produced by Nebraska Educational Television about Nebraska’s dark skies:

Buy and Sell
Cloudy Nights
H.M.S. Beagle

NASA Missions
Cassini Mission
Hubble Space Telescope
Mars 2001 Odyssey Thermal Emission Imaging System
Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 
Mars Rovers
Solar Dynamics Observatory
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Space Telescope Electronic Information Service
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey

Area Museums and Planetariums
Ralph Mueller Planetarium – University of Nebraska Lincoln
Kansas Cosmosphere
Science City at Union Station in Kansas City
Strategic Air and Space Museum

Hyde Observatory
Behlen Observatory
Seven Hills Observatory
Big Bear Solar Observatory
The Gemini 8 Meter Telescopes
Griffith Observatory
Palomar Observatory
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Mauna Kea Observatories
European Southern Observatory

Astronomy Magazine
Sky and Telescope Magazine

Astronomy, Space, and Science News
Universe Today
Science Daily
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Astronomy for Kids
Kids Astronomy 
Astronomy for Kids
Space Place
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