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2022, MayAstrophotography for Beginners ClassDahmke, MarkArticle2022/202205.pdf
2022, MayHubble Reveals Surviving Companion Star in Aftermath of SupernovaNews, Syndicated2022/202205.pdf
2022, JuneMeeting MinutesWhite, JimNotice2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneThe President's MessageKacvinsky, BobPresident's Letter2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneARP 44:The Mantrip Skies Image CatalogJohnson, RickArticle2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneJuly Observing: What to ViewKvasnicka, JimArticle2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneFocus on Constellations: ScorpiusKvasnicka, JimArticle2022/202206.pdf
2022, JunePAC Mentors HonoredNotice2022/202206.pdf
2022, June29th Annual Nebraska Star PartyNotice2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneClub Member Profile: Jim WhiteArticle2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneFrom the Archives, June, 1969From the Archives2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneMid-states Regional Convention ReportKacvinsky, BobArticle2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneClayton Anderson To Serve As President And CEO Of Strategic Air Command & Aerospace MuseumArticle2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneAstrophotographyAstrophotography2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneThe James Webb Space Telescope is finally ready to do science – and it’s seeing the universe more clearly than even its own engineers hoped forNews, Syndicated2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneNew Images Using Data From Retired Telescopes Reveal Hidden FeaturesNews, Syndicated2022/202206.pdf
2022, JuneFind Hercules and His Mighty Globular ClustersProsper, DavidNews, Syndicated2022/202206.pdf
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