• Members receive the club newsletter, THE PRAIRIE ASTRONOMER each month. It contains astronomy news, information about the meetings, and articles by club members and other authors.

  • Each regular member is automatically a member of the astronomical League, the only nation-wide organization for amateur astronomers. Each member also receives THE REFLECTOR, the quarterly journal of the League, containing news about Astronomy, conventions, and recent book reviews. Membership in the League also allows you to buy astronomy books at a discount through the League’s book club, and to attend both regional and national conventions held yearly. The League also sponsors the Messier and Herschel Award programs to recognize the achievements of those dedicated people who view the most deep-sky objects.

  • Star Parties (outdoor observing sessions) are held monthly. These events allow members and guests to see faint deep-sky objects and to find out how different telescopes perform away from city lights. Members can also use the club telescopes to view the night sky. The club also holds a yearly picnic and star party, drawing amateurs from clubs around the area to share good food, astronomy talk and good viewing.

  • Special publications such as Astronomical calendars and subscriptions to SKY & TELESCOPE magazine and Astronomy magazine are offered to club members at special discount rates.

  • Trips to observatories, planetariums, and museums are sponsored by the club.

REGULAR MEMBER – $30.00 per year. Includes club newsletter, and 1 vote at club meetings, plus all other standard club privileges.
FAMILY MEMBER – $35.00 per year. Same as regular member except gets 2 votes at club meetings.
STUDENT MEMBER – $10.00 per year with volunteer requirement.
If you renew your membership prior to your annual renewal date, you will receive a 10% discount.

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